life made lovely monday

Welcome to Life Made Lovely Monday, a place to share the lovely in your life.
Creating a life made lovely means embracing the life your living right now.
It means choosing to celebrate your everyday life by taking something simple and
turning it into something special. I believe life can be made lovely through a
project, a recipe, a moment, or even just an image that’s inspiring to you.
This is my 74th Life Made Lovely Monday post.
Seventy fourth!
It also happens to be my last.
I’ve loved hosting each and every one of you and your
lovely posts, but in my heart I know it’s time for a change.

Here’s a portion of what I shared when I announced
my little link up idea back in the summer of  2010…

“Here’s what I propose.
Let’s share.  Let’s inspire each other.
Let’s create a community of people that want to take
life & make it lovely. Let’s make the decision to live happy
and creative lives no matter what life throws at us.”
Well, I think we did it, friends!
Thank you for participating in this adventure with me.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you for building a special community with me.
I think you are lovely.
xo-  Heather

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