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Welcome to Home Made Lovely!
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I ask each blogger the same question-
What does creating a lovely home mean to you?
Here’s what Heather shared-
I’m Heather!  You can find me at Cookie Mondays (lovely blog design, wouldn’tya say?!) where I share mostly random rants on my life as a busy mom to four,  happy wife,  compulsive creator, obsessive party planner, budding photographer… and sometimes I’ll even throw a cookie recipe in the mix.  It’s a crazy, blessed, lovely life in the Mattos home.I am a huge fan of the Home Made Lovely series and thrilled to join in the fun!  I would be bored without something to work on, or without new (to me) vintage treasures to be found…  so our home is pretty much constantly one big work in progress, between running an Etsy shop from my kitchen table and having little unfinished project piles at every other corner (literally!… you can’t get from point A to B without the threat of stepping on a straight pin). But if you ask me, that is exactly what makes a house a lovely home!

In our case, it’s a teeny tiny Bay Area, California townhouse.  So we have to be extra creative!  We use every inch of space to the fullest, which includes the three big kids sharing the master bedroom and the littlest one taking a corner of our room (that is, when he’s not crawling into Mommy & Daddy’s bed!).   I definitely believe that getting creative with charming, handmade elements is key to a lovely home… but for us, even more lovely are the lessons in sharing, gratitude, and celebrating simplicity that come with making a small house work for a not-so-small family.

My style is an eclectic mix of vintage, shabby chic, and bright & cheery.  If it’s yellow with polka dots, I need it.  If it’s a banner, garland, or bunting of some sort, I have to have it.  Come take a peek at a few of my favorite spaces!

HELLO! Welcome to our little living room.

I told you I was a yellow fan!  The curtains, pillows, and bunting are handmade by me.  The old door makes a great backdrop for huge photos of the kids.

You may recognize the silhouettes from my blog header… these are the originals that Heather transformed to digital images!  I handcut them from solid fabric and fused them to the yellow polka dot fabric before framing.  Both the picture frames and lampshade frames are collected from local antique fairs (which is sort of a running theme throughout the house).

We have a tiny storage space beneath our staircase, complete with a three-foot-tall door, that the kids have transformed into their “hideout”.  Kevin even installed a real peephole.

Who doesn’t love hoop art?!

My treasured yellow scale came from an old Kansas barn.  The gumball machine- another local find- holds whatever I’m in the mood for… flowers, antique thread spools, and sometimes even gumballs.

Floral pillows are happy!

My sewing machine doesn’t sit here for more than a few minutes at a time.  This 1950s Viking is the only machine I’ve ever used.  My baby.

Adorable bobbin print by Small Talk Studio.

You guessed it!  The chairs and benches are random antique fair and local boutique finds.  I LOVE the mismatched seating.  The chalkboard is painted directly onto the wall and framed out with molding.  Perfect for the weekly menu or lovely, inspiring verses & notes.

The hutch was one of the first projects Kevin and I worked on as a couple. We had only been dating a few weeks and he wanted to refinish this piece from his grandmother. We painted & distressed it, changed the hardware, and added chicken wire to the doors. It’s the perfect spot for all my goodies.

Vintage Pyrex and mason jars.  Can’t get enough.

These old shutters were the perfect color when I found them. I didn’t have to do a thing to them besides adding photo frames and some twine & fabric garland!

I made the ruffled burlap curtains, and the antique doilies are from Kansas.

The big kids’ room is luckily the size of two smaller rooms.  It’s “divided” by these Target cutains that I added extra fabric to, but the curtains are never closed.  The kids love sharing even when they don’t want to admit it.  My favorite part of them all sharing a room is hearing their little conversations when the lights are out and they think nobody’s listening.  Chloe’s quilt is my first attempt at quilting.

This is Cole’s new “big boy” space.  He is so proud of it, but mostly just likes to take everything off the wooden crate to stand on it, or drive his “choo-choos” on the walls.  And yes, I’ve even managed to incorporate some vintage Thomas the Train in this house.  Cole’s is my second quilt!  Silhouette print from sarah + abraham and sports print by Sarah Jane.  I’m a frequent customer to both… their designs are so classic and timeless.

That’s it!  Thanks so much for stopping by… I wish you could STAY!:)
Thanks for having me, Heather!


photos by:
photography by shawnee
melissa larson
and me!

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