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Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.

Hello Friend! Welcome to our home, thanks for stopping by. And thanks to Heather for inviting me to share a little tour of the place we call home!

Who is ‘we’? That would be myself (Holly) from In the Fun Lane, my husband, Sean, and our daughter Wren. It sounds totally cliche but we have put years of blood, sweat and tears into our house to make it a home. And money… of course. Which is why the renos have taken years! The two most important things to us in this journey of transformation have been 1. that our home reflect us and who we are and 2. that everything is budget friendly. Because like most young families, money doesn’t grow on any of our trees!

Let’s start the tour!

This is our foyer. We still have some work to complete in here (new stair treads and railings) but I love the skylight which makes it bright and happy.

 photo IMG_9947_zpsb2ecd0c7.jpg

 photo IMG_9935_zps75ae5d1b.jpg

 photo _MG_5871_zps5ca686bf.jpg

 photo _MG_5867_zps4c242cec.jpg

The biggest renovation we tackled was our Kitchen. It was a big old 80’s mess and it took a lot of restraint to patiently wait a few years until we could manage the renovation. But we did it all ourselves about 2 years ago and it immediately became my favorite room in the house.

 photo IMG_9698_zps372e1186.jpg

I am really happy we lived with the old kitchen for a while so we could get a good feel for how we would use the new kitchen and where we should move things to. We did some major changes (I have shared the hideous original space on my own blog, but I’ll spare you the nightmares) and felt confident in the direction we went when it was time to start the demo.

 photo IMG_9243_zps9cff2be2.jpg

We chose to use the Martha Stewart line of cabinetry at HomeDepot. I have done my share of Ikea kitchens in the houses I’ve flipped and I am really glad we decided to spend just a little more and go with these ones instead. The final product has a lot of extra detailing that I was wanting (the corbels on the island, baseboards, etc.). To keep the budget on track we did use a lot of inexpensive elements from places like Ikea (the sink, shelves, etc) and we found our appliances at a showhome that was closing for a fraction of the price of new ones.

inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-50.jpg

We added a larger window which brings in so much more sunlight.

 photo _MG_5338_zps7565e6e9.jpg

vintage-apron photo _MG_6666_zps276c9491.jpg

Right off the kitchen is our family room. This was one of the first rooms we tackled, removing what felt like miles of old wallpaper. A board and batten treatment on the walls was one of our first experiences installing trim and I love how it adds so much interest and detail. So simple, cheap and easy!

I love white (obviously!!!) but I believe every room should have a couple unexpectedly fun elements so it doesn’t feel too sterile or serious.

inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-87.jpg
inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-88.jpg

We added a slip covered thrift store couch to the old kitchen nook for a bright, sunny spot to catch up on emails and read.

 photo _MG_5484_zps657cf3c9.jpg

On the other side of the kitchen is the dining room. We used to have a kitchen nook when we renovated it became used a reading nook so we actually use our ‘formal’ dining room every day. I just don’t think many people need or use two dining areas much these days so it made sense for us.

 photo IMG_8841_zps1da1831d.jpg

 photo IMG_8827_zps2c6b5aca.jpg

We made the light fixture (full tutorial here) for well under $100 to accommodate a poorly place light fixture.

 photo IMG_9182_zps8f79c469.jpg

The dining table was a $50 thrift store find that I painted. I get a major thrill out of transforming thrift store items and this is one of the coolest I’ve come across.

 photo IMG_9180_zps5450ed25.jpg

Our formal living room is not always so formal, but it is always fun.

 photo IMG_9191_zps34b54d54.jpg

At any given time there is usually some sort of fort, or in this case igloo, set up. The thing I love most about decorating with thrift store/inexpensive items is that even if they look ‘high end’ nothing is too precious. The pair of end tables we have as a coffee table were only $20 finds we painted from a thrift store and I can always do a quick touch up if a little scuff or scratch happens during a Barbie frenzy.

 photo IMG_9006_zps6bfc89aa.jpg

 photo IMG_8130_zpsa3b8ee11.jpg

 photo _MG_5835_zps79269f0a.jpg

Wren’s bedroom is probably the most colorful room in the house. As an only grandchild on both sides of the family she gets a lot of little gifts/trinkets from everyone so she loves to display them and keep everything up in here even though we have a basement playroom.

Her bed was a Salvation Army purchase I painted up and put her name on. I am always amazing how with just a little work it is so easy to make something otherwise unremarkable into a really special piece.

gold-hearts photo _MG_7226_zpsd5e4aa96.jpg

basket-toys photo _MG_7221_zps3311a4dd.jpg

Her antique vanity is one of those unexpected fun pieces I adore! I found it for $140 at an antique mall and just adored the kind of poorly painted birds on the panels.

antique-painted-cabinet photo _MG_7183_zps006728bb.jpg

blue-gold-room photo _MG_7185_zps9e216861.jpg

night-stand photo _MG_7189_zpsee6b42b6.jpg

That’s my mini-tour of our home! It is a house filled with love and lots of happiness and fun and I couldn’t imagine coming home to anywhere else. I am so thankful to share it here with you today and for Heather’s invite to share it.

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  • Lendy - February 28, 2014 - 11:30 pm

    Thank your for featuring Holly’s beautiful home! I love her esthetic! I am still trying to pinpoint my style and I love the idea of using a color that you love throughout the home! It definitely inspired me!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - March 1, 2014 - 6:53 am

    I love this house! Definitely one of my favorites in the Home Made Lovely Series.

    Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - March 2, 2014 - 12:50 pm

    LOVED this post! This was one of my favorite homes from the Home Made Lovely tour as well. :) Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

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  • Holly - March 3, 2014 - 7:32 am

    Thank you so much for the wondeful and sweet comments ladies!!!
    Lendy, I hope your journey to decorating is fun and you find your way, I find the key is to always have fun with it.ReplyCancel

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