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My name is Heather Hamilton and I’m the creative director and lead designer for Life Made Lovely.

In 2009, after not being able to find the kinds of designs I was looking for, I began creating them for myself.  Before I knew it, my hobby had blossomed into my dream job and I’ve been designing for clients ever since.  I love bringing personal, handmade designs to the digital world in a fresh way, and still get giddy with each project I create. Whether it’s for a blog, a small business or for your home, I believe it should reflect YOU and the life you’re living right now.  I’m currently creating designs for blogs, small businesses, my printables shop and home decor products for retailers.

I’m a married momma with three kids; two that live in my house and one that lives in the Lord’s.  In 2007, my son Samuel died from bacterial meningitis at 6 weeks old.  I thought for sure that my life was over, but God had other plans. He picked me up, covered me in His peace and filled my broken heart with hope; forever changing my life.  It’s through His grace and never ending love that my life is made lovely.  I created the Joyful Life Library project in 2009, in honor of Samuel, as a way to bring comfort to critically ill children at pediatric hospitals across the country.  You can read more about the start of this special project here.

On my blog you’ll find me sharing about the creative life God’s blessed me with, my affinity for handmade and my love of embracing the journey we’re each on.  I also host a home tour series called Home Made Lovely, which is focused on featuring creative homes that honor the love that lives in them.


about m


This is Molly June, the amazing associate designer for Life Made Lovely.

Over the past 4 years, Molly and I have worked together on a variety of client projects and I’m so thrilled to be able to work with her now as part of the Life Made Lovely team.  She is the designer behind Hey, Molly June [Digital Designs] and her beautiful work has been featured in Artful Blogger (multiple times!).  Molly is a self-taught designer who started out over seven years ago by designing a few blog headers here & there, and well…the rest is history.

Molly’s lovely work showcases her love of eclectic, handmade, happy, vintage design that’s created in a modern way.  It brings her so much joy to see your joy when your little neck of the internet is pretty & reflects you.  Although she went to school in hopes of becoming a teacher, she found her true calling in graphic design, and hopes to never stop creating.  (Sung to the tune of, “Don’t stop be-liev-ing,”.  Go ahead…you know you want to sing it).  Molly’s currently creating designs for Blogger, small businesses and photo card designs for any occasion.

She is a wife to Tim and momma to Audrey, Ellie, & Eden.  She’s a lover of Jesus, good food, good fonts, good humor, naptime (of course) and the So Cal sunshine.