Vicki’s Room Made Lovely

Welcome to Room Made Lovely, a special part of the Home Made Lovely home tour series.

My name is Vicki Bluhm from Bluhm’s Garden. My and I husband have been married for 11 ½ years, with 5 children ages almost 10 down to 18 months. I am so excited to be featured on Life Made Lovely. I am thrilled to show you our kitchen, that is one of our favorite places to be in our home. We purchased our home 8 years ago from my husbands parents. The kitchen was one of our first renovations. I prefer the rustic, vintage feel with splashes of modern elements. I love thrifting and repurposing items.

Everything started with this wall, we had removed a previous wall and cabinets, and it left the wall damaged, my husband tried re-patching it, but it looked pretty bad, so we covered it with 100 year old barn wood we found on craigslist. Our favorite and most complimented part of our kitchen. I repurpose frames into chalkboards and it made the wall complete.

The island is an awesome fit to the kitchen and seats our children for each morning breakfast. I repainted and distressed it, and we added a granite top.

Custom built shelves above the fridge, which feature my jars holding sugar, flour, etc. that I purchased at good old Walmart.

I added fabric to the back of the shelving with mode podge.

Another huge element in our kitchen is the lighting, made with mason jars and another piece of the barn wood. Me and my husband did this project together….with about 5 trips to home depot to get it right, we felt it completed the shabby chic, vintage feel we wanted for our kitchen. We couldn’t find any type of light fixture that we liked, so we built our own.


Shelves purchased from Ikea and homework bins for each of my children, helps me keep organized and show off some of my favorite pieces.


Thank you Heather for letting me feature my kitchen on your blog, as I love seeing other peoples spaces and what they do to make it their own. So many of my ideas are from others.
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Clarita - March 21, 2014 - 7:51 am

So charming and unique! The barnwood wall and the red metal homework files are so great!

Melanie - March 24, 2014 - 8:51 am

I love this kitchen and all of the special details–the barn wall, the files, the island. I especially love the tiny foot poking out from your daughter on the fourth picture down :)

Tricia - March 25, 2014 - 11:50 pm

Absolutely love your island! Love that it has 5 chairs for 5 children :)

Jessica’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.

Hello lovelies! My name is Jessica from Living the Swell Life and I am so honored to share a peek around our home! This place is usually covered in Legos and baby traps, so I felt blessed by Heather’s invitation to spiff up a bit and photograph it with new eyes! When house-hunting in 2010, my husband and I came across this little Cape Cod style cottage in South Minneapolis and instantly I knew I would never find a home I loved more! I am not going to lie, all of the charming built-ins had me at hello. Growing up, my family lived in an old Victorian home, which my parents spent the majority of my childhood restoring from its core. One thing that they impressed upon me (besides an appreciation for hardwood and wainscoting), is that we are stewards of our home and should not only enjoy living in it now, but also preserve its history and improve it for the future.

The dining room is where we start our day. (Our 4 year old little guy always announces “It’s seven-zer0-zero. Time for breakfast!” ) Like nearly all of the furniture in our home, this dining room table was a Craigslist bargain. Although the table and chairs are literally on their last legs, I love how well the they fit the character of our home. In addition to re-gluing the chairs, I’ve also recovered the seats to update them a bit. Below: I love having built-in cabinets to display some of my vintage linens, dishes, books, and crafts.


This sideboard buffet in the corner of our dining room is one of my absolute favorite pieces of furniture. It belonged to my great-grandma. After she passed away, it was sentenced to an attic, where it got pretty scuffed up and warped. The year before I got married, my dad help me sand, stain, and varnish it back to its original splendor.

Just around the corner is our living room, where childhood imagination runs wild by day and Netflix and ice cream are consumed by night. One of my favorite things about this room is the fire place mantle. I try to mix up the decor with every season…It’s the only way anything ever gets dusted around here. (;

A word about the white furniture: Whenever people would ask about my choice in fabric I used to flash a confident grin and say “It’s slipcovered! So easy to wash!”. But today friends, I am here to say that it is a losing battle. After hot pink nailpolish, four years worth of blood, boogers, and chocolate, I will go on the record and say Never Again!

My craft room is also on our main floor, which doubles as a guest room. I love having a place to stash all of my creative supplies & messes!

Time to head upstairs, but first, how cute is our front closet door?!

This is where we lay our sleepy heads at night. I found this vintage iron bed at a flea market and Jeff spray painted it the happiest shade of yellow on earth.

Our two kiddos share the second bedroom upstairs which is as fun as it is challenging. I think their room is my favorite one in the house, because I am not afraid to use color in here! I also strayed from my vintage ways and chose a modern giant paper flower light fixture from Ikea. Am so happy we finally figured out how to hang it, because it is the perfect punch of whimsy!


We named our baby girl Violet and promptly found the perfect Katie Daisy print to hang on her wall. So much fun! Below: the boy half of the room with bold striped curtains, a car map rug, and artwork by our talented little guy.


That’s about it, friends! Decorating our little home is a constant work in progress. As you can see, my style is vintage, whimsical, and pretty classic. I try to keep things fresh and minimal and would probably fill every room with pink frills if I weren’t sharing this home with two boys! My husband runs a photography business from our home office, so we do our best to live, play, and relax in the rest of these rooms. Although often all 4 of us will end up in the office just to hang out! (; Some days, my wish is to learn to play as hard as we work around here, and other days I only wish I could get something done! But no matter what we are juggling, we are really blessed to call this place our home. Heather, thank you so very much for this opportunity to share it! xo.

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featured: life made lovely blog - March 13, 2014 - 8:34 pm

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Lisa - March 14, 2014 - 5:56 am

oh my goodness!! “lovely” is definitely the word to describe this little home. I’m in love! (That first photo looks a lot like Miss Mustard Seed’s dining room, yes?) And it has given me hope that there are still more houses like this in the world for when we are ready to buy.

AND THAT FRONT DOOR. Pinning … (and pining.) :-)

creole wisdom - March 14, 2014 - 6:09 am

Love it, and not just because you’re in Minneapolis :) Your whole home is peaceful, serene, and styled beautifully. I especially love your yellow bed and the wall color in your dining area.

Ellen S. - March 14, 2014 - 6:11 am

thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us. I was particularly impressed with your statement about being stewards of your home. you’ve done a wonderful job with doing just that….keeping the timeless character and yet making it your own. Great work!

meg - March 14, 2014 - 7:59 am

I love all the vintage pretty decorations! We have an older home too, and we love showing off it’s character. Although yours has way more charm than ours! Ours is kind of stuck somewhere in the 50′s-60′s, not real sure where it wants to call itself a part of.

Clarita @ Skies of Parchment - March 14, 2014 - 8:00 am

Beautiful beautiful! It is so welcoming and charming, and I love the mixture of classic and vintage. The old character of the house is so wonderful! And I especially loved the sewing corner in the guest room.

Megan @ A Blossoming Homestead - March 16, 2014 - 8:12 pm

AbSoLuTeLy AdOrAbLe! I LOVE these guests posts! So inspirational! I’m in the process of redecorating! It’s such a FuN part of making a home! It’s great to get ideas on how to be resourceful, thrifty, AND unique when putting everything together! Thanks so much for this series!

[…] home made lovely – house tour. I really like the shared boy/girl bedroom […]

Elisabeth - March 18, 2014 - 6:58 am

Love this tour-Thank you for sharing! I’d love to know the paint color of the kid’s room, it’s a beautiful choice!

Mandy’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.

Hi, I’m Mandy! I blog over at Mandipidy sometimes, but these days I am more likely to just share little snapshots of our day and projects on Instagram. I’ve been inspired by so many of these Home Made Lovely tours, so I was giddy with excitement when Heather asked if I’d share our home today!

We’re a family of almost five; my husband and I have a 2-year-old, 1-year-old, and a baby due this June. We bought our first house in South Carolina this past August… a 1970′s brick ranch. Instantly, we fell in love with the wooden floors and giant front windows, and we were eager to take on the challenge of creating a space that reflected our style and felt like home.
Both my husband and I like to keep things very simple, not too cluttered, and we are working on making our spaces as useful as possible. Usually we are drawn to neutral and clean colors for the bigger aspects like walls and furniture, but our love of interesting patterns, shapes, and textures comes out more in the decorating.

I’ll let you see for yourself. Come on in!

The first room you step into is my favorite- the living room.

This room sold the house to us. Those big, south-facing windows. The natural light that streams inside. {love}. I’ve tried to keep this room simple and just let it be a light, clean space to enjoy.

It’s a place for quiet jazz and relaxing reading. My 2-year-old daughter also thinks of it as her dance floor. So many happy memories are being made in this room.

The two tufted chairs in the window were passed on to me as a project. My husband sanded and painted the frames, and I reupholstered and tufted the seats. Almost all of the rest of the furniture in the room was acquired either for free or very inexpensively from Craigslist. Those hexagons on the wall were a gift from a dear friend for Christmas, and they are my favorite!

[triangle pillow cover | book initial]

The living room flows into the dining room, which has recently become a multifunctional space. I enjoy being in this room so much that I asked my husband if I could take it over with my workspace. So now this is where I print and package my Etsy orders, paint, sew, and create when I have the time.

This china was my husband’s grandmother’s wedding china… one of the loveliest things I have ever been gifted. I could never have dreamed up a more perfect pattern and color for me, and I love that it’s an heirloom as well. The hutch was also a Craigslist find that we fixed up and painted a few summers ago.

The table stays a small circle to work at most of the time, but it can expand to be a more legit dining table if we need it to when guests come over.

The old South Carolina map on the wall was a public domain image that I found in a google search. I tweaked the colors a little bit, resized it, and had it printed as an engineering print at Staples for a few dollars.

After a serious purge, I managed to get almost all of my craft supplies organized into this bookshelf. Having kiddos and the messes that they bring has caused me to let go of some of my obsessive organizational tendencies… but occasionally, I still just can’t resist the urge to arrange things by color order for as long as they will stay that way.:)

Tucked behind the tan chair is my desk. It holds my computer, some more supplies, and my two giant beasts of printers.

I am so happy about our decision to make the dining space more useful for us! Having my work area right in the middle of the house where I can be with and keep and eye on the kids instead of tucked back in our guest room is definitely working well for us right now.

Most of the bedrooms are still works in progress, but my son’s room is coming together.

Again, mostly thrifted furniture and diy projects in here. The chevron rug is actually a quilt that I made for him before he was born. A friend of mine has that saying hanging in her nursery: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Such a great reminder, and I wanted it up on my son’s wall too, so I created a design and had it made into an engineering print at Staples. [Printable here].

On the back side of the house is our cozier family room area.

I’ve started a collage wall in this room with some art that is special to us. A vintage 5 for the number of people in our family, a trumpet/violin duet that was written for us as a wedding present, a watercolor that my daughter painted, a lovely and simple painting of the word “love”, a favorite quote of mine, a camera printable that I found online, a drawing of my husband and I that my sister made for us for Christmas one year, a special love note that my husband doodled for me years ago … Sweet, sweet gifts, memories, and reminders that I love to walk by every day.

The family room flows into the kitchen. My husband built the farm table for me almost two years ago. He’s handy like that.;)The chairs were bought through Craigslist and we painted them robin’s egg blue. The curtains were one of those awesome Target finds where someone bought them online, didn’t like them, returned them to the store, and then I got to pick them up for 70% off! We got the light fixture here. And the striped wall is actually back in our laundry room, and it adds the extra little pop of “crazy” that I felt this space needed.

You’ve seen a good chunk of our home all put together, but in all honesty, it rarely looks this manicured. By ten o’clock most days, the floors are strewn with toys, there are chunks of half-chewed banana sticking to the couch, and all of the books are off the shelves. And I daily have to remind myself to look for beauty in the mess too; because I don’t think real beauty in a home is necessarily found in the way the things are arranged, but in the bonds of the people who call that place their home. How thankful I am to share this “home” with these sweet ones that I love.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And thank you for the opportunity to share on your beautiful blog today, Heather!

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stephanie - March 7, 2014 - 7:20 am

I love the bones of this house and everything they have done looks great!

Clarita - March 7, 2014 - 8:26 am

Lovely lovely home! I love the minimalistic look, but it’s also so cozy and warm. So beautifully done! Thank you for the home tour!

Deana - March 7, 2014 - 4:13 pm

Your home is cozy, thoughtful, I love it! It gives me hope that our rental home that we just purchased can someday look this cozy.

Deborah Raney - March 7, 2014 - 6:14 pm

I just love the combination of the striped laundry room wall with the kitchen curtains, and those robin’s egg blue chairs. Genius! I also love the hutch with the wedding china displayed. What a wonderful thing to inherit!

Bitsy - March 7, 2014 - 6:35 pm

Such a beautiful and happy home – just like Mandy!

Holly’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.

Hello Friend! Welcome to our home, thanks for stopping by. And thanks to Heather for inviting me to share a little tour of the place we call home!

Who is ‘we’? That would be myself (Holly) from In the Fun Lane, my husband, Sean, and our daughter Wren. It sounds totally cliche but we have put years of blood, sweat and tears into our house to make it a home. And money… of course. Which is why the renos have taken years! The two most important things to us in this journey of transformation have been 1. that our home reflect us and who we are and 2. that everything is budget friendly. Because like most young families, money doesn’t grow on any of our trees!

Let’s start the tour!

This is our foyer. We still have some work to complete in here (new stair treads and railings) but I love the skylight which makes it bright and happy.

 photo IMG_9947_zpsb2ecd0c7.jpg

 photo IMG_9935_zps75ae5d1b.jpg

 photo _MG_5871_zps5ca686bf.jpg

 photo _MG_5867_zps4c242cec.jpg

The biggest renovation we tackled was our Kitchen. It was a big old 80′s mess and it took a lot of restraint to patiently wait a few years until we could manage the renovation. But we did it all ourselves about 2 years ago and it immediately became my favorite room in the house.

 photo IMG_9698_zps372e1186.jpg

I am really happy we lived with the old kitchen for a while so we could get a good feel for how we would use the new kitchen and where we should move things to. We did some major changes (I have shared the hideous original space on my own blog, but I’ll spare you the nightmares) and felt confident in the direction we went when it was time to start the demo.

 photo IMG_9243_zps9cff2be2.jpg

We chose to use the Martha Stewart line of cabinetry at HomeDepot. I have done my share of Ikea kitchens in the houses I’ve flipped and I am really glad we decided to spend just a little more and go with these ones instead. The final product has a lot of extra detailing that I was wanting (the corbels on the island, baseboards, etc.). To keep the budget on track we did use a lot of inexpensive elements from places like Ikea (the sink, shelves, etc) and we found our appliances at a showhome that was closing for a fraction of the price of new ones.

inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-50.jpg

We added a larger window which brings in so much more sunlight.

 photo _MG_5338_zps7565e6e9.jpg

vintage-apron photo _MG_6666_zps276c9491.jpg

Right off the kitchen is our family room. This was one of the first rooms we tackled, removing what felt like miles of old wallpaper. A board and batten treatment on the walls was one of our first experiences installing trim and I love how it adds so much interest and detail. So simple, cheap and easy!

I love white (obviously!!!) but I believe every room should have a couple unexpectedly fun elements so it doesn’t feel too sterile or serious.

inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-87.jpg

inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-88.jpg

We added a slip covered thrift store couch to the old kitchen nook for a bright, sunny spot to catch up on emails and read.

 photo _MG_5484_zps657cf3c9.jpg

On the other side of the kitchen is the dining room. We used to have a kitchen nook when we renovated it became used a reading nook so we actually use our ‘formal’ dining room every day. I just don’t think many people need or use two dining areas much these days so it made sense for us.

 photo IMG_8841_zps1da1831d.jpg

 photo IMG_8827_zps2c6b5aca.jpg

We made the light fixture (full tutorial here) for well under $100 to accommodate a poorly place light fixture.

 photo IMG_9182_zps8f79c469.jpg

The dining table was a $50 thrift store find that I painted. I get a major thrill out of transforming thrift store items and this is one of the coolest I’ve come across.

 photo IMG_9180_zps5450ed25.jpg

Our formal living room is not always so formal, but it is always fun.

 photo IMG_9191_zps34b54d54.jpg

At any given time there is usually some sort of fort, or in this case igloo, set up. The thing I love most about decorating with thrift store/inexpensive items is that even if they look ‘high end’ nothing is too precious. The pair of end tables we have as a coffee table were only $20 finds we painted from a thrift store and I can always do a quick touch up if a little scuff or scratch happens during a Barbie frenzy.

 photo IMG_9006_zps6bfc89aa.jpg

 photo IMG_8130_zpsa3b8ee11.jpg

 photo _MG_5835_zps79269f0a.jpg

Wren’s bedroom is probably the most colorful room in the house. As an only grandchild on both sides of the family she gets a lot of little gifts/trinkets from everyone so she loves to display them and keep everything up in here even though we have a basement playroom.

Her bed was a Salvation Army purchase I painted up and put her name on. I am always amazing how with just a little work it is so easy to make something otherwise unremarkable into a really special piece.

gold-hearts photo _MG_7226_zpsd5e4aa96.jpg

basket-toys photo _MG_7221_zps3311a4dd.jpg

Her antique vanity is one of those unexpected fun pieces I adore! I found it for $140 at an antique mall and just adored the kind of poorly painted birds on the panels.

antique-painted-cabinet photo _MG_7183_zps006728bb.jpg

blue-gold-room photo _MG_7185_zps9e216861.jpg

night-stand photo _MG_7189_zpsee6b42b6.jpg

That’s my mini-tour of our home! It is a house filled with love and lots of happiness and fun and I couldn’t imagine coming home to anywhere else. I am so thankful to share it here with you today and for Heather’s invite to share it.

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Lendy - February 28, 2014 - 11:30 pm

Thank your for featuring Holly’s beautiful home! I love her esthetic! I am still trying to pinpoint my style and I love the idea of using a color that you love throughout the home! It definitely inspired me!

Rebecca - March 1, 2014 - 6:53 am

I love this house! Definitely one of my favorites in the Home Made Lovely Series.

Thank you for sharing.

Lauren - March 2, 2014 - 12:50 pm

LOVED this post! This was one of my favorite homes from the Home Made Lovely tour as well. :) Thanks for sharing!

[…] home made lovely tour […]

Holly - March 3, 2014 - 7:32 am

Thank you so much for the wondeful and sweet comments ladies!!!
Lendy, I hope your journey to decorating is fun and you find your way, I find the key is to always have fun with it.

Deborah’s Room Made Lovely

Welcome to Room Made Lovely, a special part of the Home Made Lovely home tour series.
Welcome to our home and my “room made lovely!” I’m so thrilled for a chance to share my room on one of my favorite blogs!  My husband, Ken, and I are empty nesters who moved from a small Kansas town to the (relatively) big city of Wichita just a year ago. Ken is a graphic designer and I’m a writer, and since we both work from home, we have the privilege of living anywhere we choose. The youngest of our four children graduated from college in December and since all of our kids live far away (Missouri, Texas, and Germany!) this move gets us closer to them, closer to extended family, and closer to an airport.  But downsizing really wasn’t an option since we both need office space in our home, plus we wanted to have room for our kids and grandkids to stay when they visit. When we found this house, we knew it was perfect for us.
My office is one of the first things you see when you walk through the front door. This wonderful, light-filled room was intended to be a formal dining room, but we’re not formal people, and the dining cove off the kitchen is plenty big enough to stretch out our table to seat ten or more. So I claimed this room and turned it into the perfect office for me.
I repurposed the old farmhouse table (that was our kitchen table when the kids were small) for my desk. The huge clock from Hobby Lobby was one of the few new things I bought after we moved in. Most everything else came with us from our small-town house.
My collection of wooden boxes and drawers holds office supplies and business cards. My favorite dictionary and thesaurus (a writer’s most important tools) are housed in an old library file that I spent all my Christmas money on as a newlywed. It’s still one of my favorite possessions.
My coffee bar was the first thing I set up after we moved in. A few years ago when I was on deadline with a book and there were too many distractions at home, I started going to a coffee shop to work on my novel. I found it so inspiring, that Ken suggested I recreate the coffee-shop atmosphere in my office. What a great idea!
I scored this divided box at an antique shop a few years ago. It originally served as post office cubbies in a small-town bank, and in our last house, it held stationery and office supplies, but I discovered that if I turned it on its end, it would hold my collection of more than 60 mugs (wow, did that ever open up cupboard space in our kitchen!) Now I can enjoy a cup of coffee without leaving my chair!

I do most of my writing and editing on my laptop from this comfy chair with my feet propped on a little stool my husband made in high school shop class. Ken let me paint and distress it my favorite aqua color and I just love it––and use it every day.

We had leftover faux brick wallpaper from decorating Ken’s office, so my sister Vicky (who helped us with painting, window treatments, and decorating the whole house!) turned one wall of my office into a “chimney.” Most people have to touch it to realize it’s only wallpaper. I love the character it adds to the room.

My dad not only built the slanted reference desk that keeps all my research books close at hand, but he also welded this “menu wheel” with clips that hold all those postcards and paper goods that are just too pretty to throw away. With a turn of the wheel, I have a new view––and fresh inspiration––above my chair.

One of my favorite corners is anchored by an antique table in my favorite color. Our oldest son gave me the table legs for my birthday one year. I’d love to find a piece of marble to use for a tabletop, but meanwhile, I’m loving the map-wrapped plywood that serves as a temporary top. The turquoise and yellow Fiestaware are pieces from my childhood growing up on a Kansas farm.
The old basket, on permanent loan from my sister Bev, holds books and an antique Underwood typewriter I got for $5 at a garage sale thirty years ago. I wasn’t even a writer back then, but it must have inspired me.

I love houseplants and this windowsill of blooming orchids makes me smile every time I see it. This room gets wonderful soft southern light, which must be just what orchids need, because for the first time ever, I’ve been able to get my orchids to REbloom!

This tall storage tabouret swivels 360 degrees to reveal a chalkboard, storage cabinets, and a bulletin board where I can post inspiration for my current novel. My dad welded the mug tree in the cubby. Those white mugs came from the two-room country schoolhouse I attended from first through sixth grade. Old yardsticks and rulers I collect congregate in the corner.
The denim love seat was part of a set in our small-town home family room. We gave the sofa to our oldest daughter when we moved, and I nabbed the love seat for my office. It makes a great place for Ken to park when I need some brainstorming help, a spot for my editing clients to sit, and once in a while I curl up with the striped afghan––a gift from Ken’s grandparents––and take a power nap.

 This is the view of my office from our kitchen.

Now that we don’t have four kids running through the house (except when our grandkids come to visit!) I love having my office out in the open with views into several other rooms. But if I ever need to shut out distractions, I simply pull the reversible curtains across the doorway.

The apple green front door is one of my favorite views from my office, but everywhere I look I see reminders of the people I love, and inspiration for the books I write. I feel very blessed to have what I consider a dream job, but I truly couldn’t do it without the amazing people the Lord has put in my life.

Thank you, Heather, for letting me be a part of your wonderful blog! I’ve gotten so many clever decorating ideas from your unique home and many others you’ve shared. It inspires me to see women creating beautiful homes for their families to make memories in!
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Amber - February 20, 2014 - 10:25 pm

What a treat for the eyes! I am the daughter of author Diann Hunt (I think you knew each other?). Was excited to see the name of someone I know of on my favorite blog! :) Thank you for sharing!

Lindsey @ Piecefully Home - February 21, 2014 - 8:29 am

that’s the color of my front door! :)

i love the coffee mugs in the cubbies.

JP - February 21, 2014 - 10:22 am

Deborah, I am so inspired by your office! As a designer/writer my office is definitely my comfy place but as a creative it tends to lean towards the messy side with all my brightly colored items. Seeing how you turned all that chaos into beauty has definitely inspired me to do something similar! Thanks for this peek inside your space!

melodee - February 21, 2014 - 10:24 am

what a gorgeous home! I live for these lifemadelovely home tours!

Cindy Swanson - February 21, 2014 - 10:27 am

Thanks for sharing this! Deborah is one of my favorite writers, and now I’m going to follow your beautiful blog!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Gina - February 21, 2014 - 10:32 am

I love this room, and am now filled with inspiration for our little library/office room. I love the coffee shop-I’m thinking I might need to move some stuff around in here.

I love that kind of inspiration that inspires you to action!

Joan - February 21, 2014 - 10:34 am

I love your decorating! So many interesting things. When I try to display my treasured “things”, it looks junky but yours are beautiful!

CrystalLaineMiller - February 21, 2014 - 10:36 am

I adore Deb’s office and am so pleased you hosted her on your blog because I really love the look of your blog! I’m glad to have found you.

If I could have a dream office, I’d copy this! Even the colors make me happy.

Lovely. :)

Deborah Raney - February 21, 2014 - 10:43 am

Amber, how fun to “see” you on here! I loved your sweet mom to pieces. She left an incredible mark on the world and will never be forgotten. I think you and I may have met in Indy the year you took conference photos. Neat to know we share a love of Heather’s blog too!

JP, my office was in the living room of our little 4-bedroom duplex when our kids were small and “tend toward the messy side” was an understatement! Loved those messy years so much, but having a blast in the far-tidier empty nest, too. :)

Deborah Raney - February 21, 2014 - 10:58 am

GINA said: I love that kind of inspiration that inspires you to action!

So true! The best blog is the kind you can’t finish because you keep jumping up and trying out the ideas in your own house. That’s why I love this blog so much. I see real life ordinary (yet incredible!) people with ideas I can afford to do, and that work for everyday living, not a “show house.”

Crystal, so glad you discovered Heather’s blog! You’re gonna love it.

Tammy Doherty - February 21, 2014 - 11:34 am

You have a wonderful office! Someday I hope to have a space all my own for writing and what not. Thanks for sharing :D

Gail - February 21, 2014 - 2:03 pm

Love to see a fellow Wichitan, lovely space.

Rachel - February 26, 2014 - 10:36 pm

Loved what you did with this space here! Would love to know where you found your large wall clock!

Deborah Raney - February 28, 2014 - 8:55 pm

Rachel, the huge blue clock came from Hobby Lobby––half price, of course. I fell in love with it before we even moved to this house, and it was sort of the anchor for deciding how I’d decorate my office. I still love it! (Tip: I’d seen it in one store, but when I went to buy it, it was gone. :( I was just about to leave the store but decided to ask a clerk just in case they had more in the back. Turns out they keep some of the oversized clocks WAY up high on the back shelves at Hobby Lobby, so look there, and ask for help. They might be able to find you one. It keeps perfect time, too.

Denise@victory rd. - March 2, 2014 - 10:23 pm

This is a lovely and cozy place. I especially love that your husband encouraged you to create a coffee nook. What an outside of the box/ perfect idea. I may have to steal it one day.

Deborah Raney - March 6, 2014 - 1:40 pm

Steal away, Denise! Both my daughters have coffee nooks set up in their houses, too. It really is a great way to make time for a break. And it smells heavenly!